This is America! Foundation’s work is historic, inspiring, fascinating – an enduring contribution to our treasured Library of Congress and the nation. Creating an indelible visual record of our times on a scale not even attempted since the Dust Bowl and Great Depression is truly historic.

But it’s also expensive.

This is America! Foundation receives no government funding. Our work depends on the generous support of donors, large and small.

In order for the Foundation to grow and sustain our important mission to produce a visual record of our times, we need a strong support staff, led by a dynamic executive director. That takes lots of money.

So too do our visual-documentary expeditions to each and every U.S. state to preserve our moment in time in a record that will be available for generations to come, free and clear of copyright restrictions.

Your fully tax-deductible donations keep us rolling and make possible our gift to the Library of Congress on your behalf.

In return the Foundation is pleased to offer you rewards for your donations, which, save for shipping and handling, are tax deductible.

To the right, you’ll see several kinds rewards for your modest contributions to support This is America! Foundation’s important work.

Donate $100 or more, and you will receive a copy of one of the beautiful, 265-page coffee-table books that resulted from photographer Carol M. Highsmith’s expeditions to either Alabama or California. A comparable keepsake book about Texas will soon be available, too.

Donate $50, and you will receive a signed copy of a small but highly collectible print-on-demand hardcover book of photographer Highsmith’s work on a particular subject. Currently, it’s a book about endangered places that Carol M. Highsmith calls “Disappearing America.” More titles and subjects will be offered soon.

Also for a $50 donation, you can select a large, red and white umbrella imprinted with the This is America! Foundation logo.

Donate $45, and we’ll send you a signed first-edition keepsake package of a 2014 U.S. Postage Stamp featuring Carol M. Highsmith’s image of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial. The package includes a sheet of 20 stamps, an envelope with an affixed stamp, along with a 46-cent Patriotic Star stamp and color postmark.

Donate $40, and you’ll receive a beautiful, signed, fine-art print of a Highsmith image.

Donate $35 and take your pick of a T-shirt or white baseball cap that carries the Foundation logo, or a limited-supply first-day issue of the 2014 U.S. Postage Stamp with a Lincoln Memorial image by Carol M. Highsmith, signed by her.

Finally, donate $30, and we’ll send you an attractive coffee mug with our logo.

Your donations will make a lasting contribution to the nation, and, through our renowned Library of Congress, to the world. And we’re pleased to thank you tangibly for them.

Please join our grand adventure.